The Notion of Premarital Counseling
The Notion of Premarital Counseling

The notion of premarital counseling is a significant pre-requisite before considering the solemn and important institution of marriage. It is a matter of success and failure. Often times, young lovers meet each other and quickly become infatuated with one another, as a result they make one of the most important decision which is to get married without first seeking divine counsels and praying fervently for God’s guidance and approval. Just because you’re in love that doesn’t mean that’s the right person for you. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you’re automatically ready for marriage. Just like turning 18 doesn’t automatically make a youngster is ready to drive a car or fly an aircraft. The youngster must first learn how to be responsible; for, getting behind the wheel is a big responsibility. The youngster must pass a written test; take hours of driving lessons and road practice and successfully pass a road test before being eligible to drive a car. What would happen if an unqualified 18 year old decides to take a brand new Bentley for a drive? The result could be disastrous. The youngster would most likely get into an accident, where both lives and properties could be destroyed. It is the same analogy for the institution of marriage.

If you do it right with the right effective pre-qualifications and biblical principles, your marriage will be blessed, prosperous, joyful and robust. We urge lovers who are contemplating to tie the knot to pray diligently for divine counsels and favor. If they used to pray twice a day, they should then increase it to four times daily. We strongly believe that marriage is something that can influence your life, both in this world and in the newly restored world. After acquiring divine favor it is time to contact Family Renaissance Ministry Organization, which possesses qualified experts and professionals to help you organize a successful cost-efficient wedding and a robust married life.
Get Counsel From the BibleInstituted by God, marriage is a sacred ordinance and should never be entered upon in a spirit of selfishness. Those who contemplate this step should solemnly and prayerfully consider its importance and seek divine counsel that they may know whether they are pursuing a course in harmony with the will of God. The instruction given in God’s word on this point should be carefully considered. Heaven looks with pleasure upon a marriage formed with an earnest desire to conform to the directions given in the Scripture.
If there is any subject that should be considered with calm reason and unimpassioned judgment, it is the subject of marriage. If ever the Bible is needed as a counselor, it is before taking a step that binds persons together for life. But the prevailing sentiment is that in this matter the feelings are to be the guide, and in too many cases lovesick sentimentalism takes the helm and guides to certain ruin. It is here that the youth show less intelligence than on any other subject; it is here that they refuse to be reasoned with. The question of marriage seems to have a bewitching power over them. They do not submit themselves to God. Their senses are enchained, and they move forward in secretiveness, as if fearful that their plans would be interfered with by someone”, Adventist Home p. 71, by Ellen G. white.

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